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Born in Karanglewas Kidul village, Purwokerto district, a small city in Central Java Province, Indonesia, I got bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Institute Technology Bandung in 2000. 

Having over 13 year professional experience in general insurance industry, now I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the busiest city in our country. Interested in writing on insurance underwriting, claim, risk management, marketing communication, digital and affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, SEO, video and photography, and other internet activities.

I created PojokCerita.Com as my wish to share my knowledge and experience, especially in travelling, motivation, etc, to any people anywhere in the world. Hopefully you can enjoy in reading my articles.

Now, I work for PT Mitra Penjaminan Nasional. I am also a founder/author/owner/CEO/administrator of Pojokasuransi.Com and Reasuransi.Com.

Thank you.

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