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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ticket Price of Batam-Singapore Ferry by December 2013

If you want to travel to Singapore from Batam Island and want to know what the price of a ferry ticket from Batam to Singapore, so based on my trip on December 22, 2013, the ticket price was SGD 30.00 for  two-way trip.

The total price above is all-in, it means we no longer need to pay an extra cost  like sea port tax as already included in the ticket price. There were also other ferry line companies that separate component between ticket price and seaport tax but if totaled would be the same. By purchasing tickets for this all-inclusive, you do not need to be bothered for any additional payments. Simply show tickets attached  with valid passport you can directly go to check-in through immigration. 

If you are lucky, you can acquire Pacific Ferry promo ticket subject to any conditions applied, but you have to buy directly to the ferry line office, not through travel agent or ticketing counter. For more details, please contact PT Pelnas Pacific Ferry Line at Crown Complex Raya Blok A No.06 Batam Centre, Batam. Phone 0778-7483381, 7483382 .

 My Family Seated in Front of Pacific Ferry Counter Sekupang Batam 

 Two-Way Ferry Ticket Batam-Singapore (SGD 30.00)

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