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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Loh Liang, Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Loh Liang on the island of Komodo is one of only 2 (two) developed visitor sites in Komodo National Park. The other is Loh Buaya on Rinca Island, both of which are managed by PT Putri Naga Komodo in cooperation with the Komodo National Park Authority, the manager of the park.

Loh Liang is often visited in a single day trip from Labuan Bajo but it is better to plan on several nights, sleeping on a live-aboard boat so that you can return several times. Please remember that you are in a national park where collecting and removing any objects is prohobited. Also realize how difficult it is to deal with trash in this remote place, so please take back everything you brought, including empty bottles, to Labuan Bajo for disposal.

For your own safety and the protection of the park, visitors must be accompanied by park rangers or guides at all times. Meet them at the visitor reception area where you or your own tour leader will pay park entry fees if they haven't been paid in advance. Rangers and guides are your best source of information.

Short Walking Tours

Half Hour 1KM 'Short Trek'
If you have only limited time or you are not prepared, this short loop passes through a short section of dry forest before ascending Frigate Hill for a memorable view over the beach. Komodo dragons are likely to be seen only near buildings in the developed area.

One and Half Hour 3KM 'Medium Trek'
This intermediate loop includes a long shaded section through dry forest and a waterhole where the presence of Timor deer and wild pig raises your chances of seeing dragons in the wild. The second section involves a short climb, something in very hot sun, for a great view over the dry forest to Sulphurea Hill, a steep descent and final short climb over Frigate Hill.

Two and Half Hour 4.5KM 'Long Trek'
Of the short walks, this offers the best opportunity to see Komodo dragons and their prey. It extends the medium trek with a visit to an area where dragons were once routinely fed (at Banu Nggulung) and adds another short climb.

Longer Walking Tours

If you have arranged to visit Loh Liang for several days, in addition to marine activities you can also choose among longer treks which wind higher and higher towards the interior. The Mt Ara route (10km) round trip may take 8 (eight) hours but can be shortened to a half day. Either option leads to spectacular views over Loh Sebita on komodo's northern shore is much longer but can be specially arranged. Any of the longer trips are rugged adventures requiring stiff climbs under very hot conditions and are suitable for fit and well-prepared visitors. But they will provide unforgettable photographs and memories.

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