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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

History of Kospin Jasa

Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Jasa is founded by some micro economy entrepreneurs in 1970s to overcome in getting fund because of the conventional business management at that time.

In order to get over from that problem, they created a meeting on December 13, 1973, at a home of a national cooperation figure, Alm H.A Djunaid. This event was attended by 3 (three) ethnics: Javanese, Chinese, and Arabian people. They agreed to make a cooperation of saving and loan. The cooperation was named “Jasa” as their wish in providing service and advantage for the members, cooperation movement, society, environment, and government.

Since founded until now, Kospin Jasa always engages all the members and party without referring to the culture, race, group, and belief, so they can peacefully solving the economic problems together in the cooperation. Therefore, Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Jasa is predicated as “Koperasi Kesatuan Bangsa”.

The founding of members is held sustainably at the branch offices of Kospin Jasa through a members’ meeting. This event is also held effectively and sustainably once a month in the opening of Safari (Sadar Manfaat Koperasi) Saving and Pundi Arta Jasa Saving at the branch offices of Kospin Jasa or any tourism area. This forum is used by Kospin Jasa Members to meet the manager and administrators of Kospin Jasa. Moreover, it is also used to build business contact among members and to promote the products of Kospin Jasa.

This Member Business Founding also implemented through the publishing of Kospin Jasa Member Business Directory as a media promotion for the products of Kospin Jasa members and business partners. Besides that, Kospin Jasa also publishes MASA Magazine as information and communication media for the micro economy (UMKM) and sharia economy. Special for the members who have superior products, Kospin Jasa provides wider marketing network through Kospin Jasa’s website.

Kospin Jasa business is always developed parallel with members’ business. It is caused by the selectiveness of member approval system. The aim of this system is finding active members who can support the Kospin Jasa business. This selectivity also aims to maximize the service for Kospin Jasa members through balancing the funding ability, facility, and human resources of Kospin Jasa with the growing number of members. Cooperative relation between society and Kospin Jasa also the trustworthiness from the society has been created a great business development.

Kospin Jasa has been using the managerial system since founded. The members hold the highest authority of Kospin Jasa. They choose the administrator and supervisor from the members for 5 (five) years working period with the formation of the 3 (three) ethnics.

The administrator has a duty as a policymaker and supervising the operational system of Kospin Jasa and its organizational things. In this activity, some of the administrators are chosen as the supervisor for the operational system of Kospin Jasa. Daily operational activity is headed by a chief division. There are some kinds of chief division: the chief division of management, the chief division of operation, the chief division of loan, the chief division of supervising and obedience, the chief division of information technology system, and the chief division of business and treasury. They are also helped by the chief of branch office and staffs.

The management holds a plenary meeting to evaluate the monthly operation and make policies for the next month. Intern supervising system is implemented by the division of supervising and obedience Internal Control Unit (ICU) while the extern is done by a public accountant.

Kospin Jasa

Kospin Jasa

Kospin Jasa

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