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Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 Tips to Make Your Trip to Singapore More Comfortable

These 10 (ten) tips maybe useful for travelers who come to Singapore for first time   :
  1. Change your money into Singapore dollars. For travelers from Indonesia, it was recommended to change IDR at Indonesia money changer, not in Singapore, because exchange rate in Indonesia is usually much cheaper than in Singapore. Ask clerk of money changer to provide Singapore dollars in various values started from SGD 2.00, SGD 5.00, SGD 10.00 and SGD 50.00. 
  2. Bring food and drinks from your home to save budget of eating and drinking costs in Singapore. For example, a bottle of mineral water in medium size in Singapore could reach SGD 2.90.
  3. You should fill in your travel sheet (received at check-in counters) on the field of destination and number of days (day amount) during your travel. This data will be checked by the Singapore immigration officer when you get off from the the passenger vessel.
  4. Try to dress in a manner style to prevent assumption that you are an illegal workers or criminals.
  5. If you want to ask someone due to confusion, look for Singaporeans who served as official staff ( (from his/her uniform look). Not all of Singaporean serves you in a polite manner.
  6. Change your clock in Singapore if there was any different time  between your country time and Singapore time.
  7. If you use escalator at mall or MRT station, stand on the left side  for slow walk because the right side used by people who want to walk faster.
  8. At the time of waiting for the train at MRT platform, do not stand directly in front of the door next to the train but stand in the right or left side (see boundaries already painted by yellow colour).
  9. Always check and read your EZ Link card to see balance value after tapped cards at exit gate. If the balance is less, you should top-up your card at any GTM (General Ticketing Machine).
  10. Always see and beware of any prohibition signs around you or you will be fined due to strict rule by Singapore government. 

SGD 1.95 for 2 (Two) Little Cans of Flavored Juice

Prohibition Sign

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