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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cavenagh Bridge ; The Oldest Bridge Across Singapore River

Try to stand on the Cavenagh Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Singapore, and looking around the Singapore River and sky-scrapers alongside the river, or imagine that you are Sir Stamford Raffles overlooking the busy activities around there.

Designed by Colonel GC Collyer, Chief Engineer of the Straits Settlements with RM Ordish of the Public Works Department, then under the charge of John Turnbull Thomson, its steel structures was shipped out from Glasgow, this bridge linked Commercial Square and the government quarter. Its name was changed from Edinburgh Bridge to Cavenagh Bridge after Lieutenant General Sir William Orfeur Cavenagh appointed by British India who governed from 1859 to 1867.

This bridge was constructed in 1869 by the P&W Maclellan as a suspension type. Numerous steel rivets was found in its construction across Singapore River. In its history, this bridge became unable to serve increasing traffic, so in 1910 the government decided to build other namely the Anderson Bridge to replace the role of Cavenagh Bridge.

Now the Cavenagh Bridge was used as pedestrian bridge. All of vehicles diverted to Anderson Bridge. A police notice can be seen until now as read : Police Notice. Cavenagh Bridge. The Use of This Bridge is prohibited to Any Vehicle of which the Laden weight Exceeds 3 cwt. And to All Cattle and Horses. By Order. Chief Police Officer.

As a pedestrian bridge, the Cavenagh Bridge connects the cultural district at north bank and the commercial district of the south of Singapore River. To get there, you can alight at Raffles MRT Station and just walk after exit the station. In short minutes, you will find this location.     

 Location Map of Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Cruise River 

 Sculpture "First Generation" Near the Cavenagh Bridge ; Five Naked Boys Going for Swim 

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