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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preferred Choice of Budgeted Hostels in Singapore

At the next time, I am planning to have minimum 1 (one) night stay at Singapore in order to get more closer to any attractive and interesting places in Singapore. Well, in order to obtain cheap accommodation, I started to search budgeted hotels or hostels in Singapore. Since the price per room is quite expensive compared to Indonesia or Malaysia, we must save money for many reasons.

Looking for the choice hotel or hostel for staying at low prices is principally easy. Many cheap hostels scattered in Singapore. Generally this hostel is dorm concept, meaning one (1) room contains many beds which all guests can be gathered in one room. For example, 14 bed mixed dorm means you will stay with maximum 14 people in one room, mixed between men and women although you still can choose hostels that separate men and women room. For women who want to take privacy you can order female dorm, this is a special room reserved for women.

If you plan to travel with family, let say a small child, certainly not advisable to stay in hostels. Commonly hostels in Singapore require minimum age of guests. Alternatively, if you still want to get budgeted hostels with your kids, try to look for a hostels that provide private room. Usually a double room can be booked for 2 ( two ) people at once. The rate is usually determined by per room and not per bed as in mixed dorm.Here are the search results from internet and direct communication via email to the owner of the hostels in Singapore  :

Wink Hostel 
This hostel has been operated since 2011 which means the condition of the building and its equipment would still new. Interestingly, the hostel room is designed with a model of capsule (pod) such as hotels in Japan. From last info, 2 (two) people can order 1 (one) double room for SGD 90.00 per night. It means that each person only paid SGD 45.00 per night. If you bring small child (minimum age 5 years), you can order 3 single pod or 1 double + 1 single pod. Price for 1 single pod is SGD 50.00 and SGD 90.00 for 1 double pod.  

The location makes this hostel is recommended for you. Its position was not far from NE4 Chinatown MRT station, precisely in Mosque Street, Singapore. It only took about 3 (three) minutes from the hostels to the NE4 Chinatown MRT station on foot. You can find out more detailed at

Zenobia Hotel
You can try to get into the Zenobia Hotel which is located at the Little India. If you want to stay with family you can order a triple bed room rate per night USD 109.00 per room. If you are alone, you can simply book a double bed room with SGD 79.00 per room per night. It is not yet clear if double bed room can be accommodated child. You can inquire further at 

One Florence Close Hotel
Located adjacent to the NE13 Kovan MRT station, it was more away from the city center. But this place can be booked as alternative stay if other hostels are full. The hotel rates vary, depend on how many people will stay in 1 (one) room. The cheapest rate was SGD 88.00 per single room and the highest was SGD 132.00 per room for a triple. Please check the full info at http:// 

Drop Inn Hostel
Rates for double room per night was set at SGD 69.00 or SGD 34.50 per person. Although one room filled by 2 (two) people, the charge remains SGD 69.00. How about kids ?. I 've communicated via email about this and they said they can acommodate small child with additional costs SGD 22.00 per child without extra bed. Anyway, the location of his hotel is in Lavender Street or adjacent to the NE9 Boon Keng MRT station. 

Hostel was strategically located at Chinatown area, precisely at Pagoda Street, Singapore. They can accept children at least 7 (seven) year old. The lowest rate for a standard twin room is SGD 44.00 or SGD 88.00 per person. For more deep information, you can visit 

Cozy Corner Guesthouse 
Offers cheap rates at SGD 55.00 for a double room. If you are traveled with big family, you can book a special room of 4 bed dorm for SGD 20.00 per bed or SGD 80.00 per room. The location is at North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Alis Nest 

Rate per person for a double room with air conditioning was SGD 35.00 per room. The location of this hostel is in the area of ​​Little India, precisely at Roberts Lane 23, Singapore.

Hostel One66 
Tariff per night for category twin/double was quite cheap at SGD 55.00 per room per night. Unfortunately this hostel located far from everywhere, so less attractive than others. This hostel requires a minimum age of 3 (three) years. The detailed info can be found at


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