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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Warung Sate Kendal Simpang Orchid Park Batam Centre

A last few days I had a dinner outside home because Farrell’s grandmother didn’t cook. It gave a chance for me to try out a short culinary tour in several places around Batam city. One of the places I tried was Warung Sate Kendal which is located at Simpang Orchid Park, Batam Centre, Batam.

After maghrib’s prayer at Masjid Mujahidin of Orchid Park Housing Complex on my way after office hours, I tried to park my vehicle along the driveway before Entrace Gate of the Orchid Park Housing Complex. Along the left and right side it found many food stalls with a variety of menu option. One place I tried on that evening was Warung Sate Kendal.

At a glance, this place was a favorite dining for people lived around Orchid Park as seen from the crowds of visitors that night. In my first visit, I tried to order one of their flagship menu ie. sate ayam (chicken satay). Besides chicken satay, they also provide sate kambing dan sate hati. Also you can order grilled chicken and other various menus.

Luckily, no need to wait in a long time, I was served with 1 (one) plate of sate ayam contains 10 (ten) skewers with soy sauce. Its texture was soft and tender, not too tough. The size is not too small. I actually prefer the texture of the meat were a bit dry but I enjoy as good taste on the tongue. Processed by soy sauce seasoning plus a delicious satay make this menu was suitably labelled “maknyus 100 %”.

As drink, I ordered es campur (ice mix). I felt a mixture of milk that makes the throat feel fresh. If you want more choice, you can also order coconut ice. Certainly perfect drink for your dinner.

To enjoy one plate of chicken satay plus a bowl of ice mix, you need to spend IDR 29,000.00. Actually, the size of satay was nearly “jumbo”, so I think you will get your money's worth. The rest of money you have can be used to order other menus. If you do not have enough time to get there, you can also order it directly via phone at 0778-7021350.

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 Warung Sate Kendal

Warung Sate Kendal

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Chicken Satay with Soy Sauce

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